Copalli Bundle - 3 Pack


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Copalli White Rum + Copalli Barrel Rested Rum + Copalli Cacao Rum

After fermenting our fresh pressed sugarcane juice, we double distill in both a pot and column stills before blending the two distillates. This is followed by resting of the finished product in stainless steel. This creates a smooth white rum that’s as good served straight on the rocks or in a cocktail such as a daiquiri.

Tasting Notes Nose : Vanilla, Coffee Bean, Grass Taste : Fruits, Strawberry, Lime, Citrus Zest Barrel Rested Rum First we ferment the fresh pressed sugarcane juice then we double distill our in our full-bodied pot still before aging it in American Oak used bourbon barrels. The result is a rich, sweet rum that tastes delicious, neat and is a powerful and flavorful base for your favorite rum cocktail.

Tasting Notes Nose : Vanilla, Oak, Leather Taste : Spice-Cinnamon and Nutmeg, Blackberries, Tobacco Cacao Rum We take our delicious Copalli white rum, place it into a tank to rest with 100% organic, freshly harvested organic Cacao nibs. Over several weeks, the Cacao nibs infuse a rich chocolate flavor and aroma into the rum, which is then redistilled to create a smooth finished product that is delicious on the rocks or in your favorite rum cocktail.

Tasting Notes Nose : Dinstinctive cacao Taste : Like Belizean chocolate, the taste is of berries and a rich, balanced coco flavor. It has a long and creamy finish.

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